Aerosols & Paints

We offer a legally compliant method of collection and transportation for recycling of aerosols and paints in Sheffield and Rotherham.

All aerosols are classed as hazardous waste as the majority contain flammable propellants and possible toxic materials. Even non-flammable gases can be dangerous due to the displacing of Oxygen in air. They must be segregated from your general waste flow for specialist disposal. Empty and used aerosols should all be treated in precisely the same manner.

All aerosol cans are recyclable and the majority of wastes they contain are relatively easy to handle and dispose of. Accordingly, in partnership with a trusted supplier, we now offer a recycling route for 99% of all aerosol smalls, be it used or full. Our UK wide coverage offers a legal compliant method of collection and transportation direct to recycle plant.

This service follows all up to date guidance in accordance with handling and carriage of dangerous goods and hazardous waste regulations. We can also provide a certificate of destruction if you desire, to ensure the waste has been rendered beyond resale if required.

The recycling process includes the separation and collection of propellants, liquids and metal casing for recycling. The recycling of these is very specialist but the costs are relatively low as the metal will be re-used at the end, offsetting the cost of disposal of hazardous materials.


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Service Guaranteed

Our promise is not to just service you when we say, but we will endeavour to save you money on disposal costs by sourcing economical routes. Through our network of partners UK wide, we will always try to route to a site that results in minimal environmental impact, which should be nil.

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