Hazardous Waste

All wastes that are not classed as non-hazardous may have unknown components so a pre-shipment analysis on a sample of the waste is often required from you, unless you can provide the analysis yourselves. When we remove any wastes from your site such as difficult or hazardous sludges/solids/liquids, we’ll take a sample away with us, to identify its properties and establish the most cost effective and appropriate route. We’ll then provide you with a competitive quote for the collection and disposal of the material.

We are able to route and advise you on a wide range of EWC (European Waste Catalogue) codes for materials that fall under some of the waste streams listed below:

  • Acids, alkalis
  • Paints/solvents
  • Oily rags, wipes and packaging
  • Contaminated Aqueous liquids in bulk (both haz and non-haz)
  • Empty containers (metal and plastic)
  • Oil/waters and Oily Sludge’s
  • Filters, Tyres other garage wastes
  • Flammable rags and solids,
  • Aerosols
  • Oxidisers, organic peroxides


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Service Guaranteed

Our promise is not to just service you when we say, but we will endeavour to save you money on disposal costs by sourcing economical routes. Through our network of partners UK wide, we will always try to route to a site that results in minimal environmental impact, which should be nil.

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