Waste Electrical

All Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is now classed as a separate stream and none should be going into skips or landfill other than plastics that have come from them. This is due to heavy metals and other toxic materials present, although at low levels, that can have a cumulative effect.

If you produce WEEE it is important that your company complies with the European WEEE Directive. Our technical team are here to help you comply when it comes to your electrical wastes and their disposal and can offer guidance as the decision on whether to declare it hazardous or not is often a minefield and sometimes you have to assume certain criteria due to the wide range of materials that come under this directive.

The basic breakdown of WEEE by type is as per the following table but if unsure we can advise you.

WEEE Waste Breakdown by Type
Item Details
Large Fridge/Washer Large Commercial – more than 3ft2
Small Fridge/Washer Small (Domestic) – Less than 3ft2
TV/PC Monitors* All types other than pre colour sets
Non-Haz Small WEEE* General small items with basic plugs
Flourescent Tubes Flourescent Tubes
Non-Haz Small WEEE/Office* Small printer/scanner (portable)
Large office items Multipurpose Printer – more than 3ft2

Add in images of some of the above items

Batteries Types Collected
Split by type
Lead Acid
Alkaline (Household)
Ni Metal Hydride
Nickel Cadmium

If you would like more information of the directive, you can visit the official government advisory website at the address below: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/weee-evidence-and-national-protocols-guidance/waste-electrical-and-electronic-equipment-weee-evidence-and-national-protocols-guidance


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